About Me

I write almost every day — most often on scraps of paper and in my moleskine notebook.  Some of these fragments eventually become poems.  I also write sporadically in diaries (which I’ve been keeping for 22 years now), as well as a journal of my daughter’s noteworthy discoveries and milestones. 

Writing isn’t enough for me.  I draw, paint, sew, bake, sing and am teaching myself to read music and play the piano (these skills come very slowly for me).  I am fascinated with the biographies and music of the baroque, classical and romantic composers, and am an avid listener of CBC Radio 2’s Music & Company (which serves as the soundtrack to the majority of my daily scribblings on my commute to work). 

I am also fascinated with our galaxy and the trees, plants and flowers native to my area.  I am currently studying the names of constellations and local flora and fauna so I can teach my daughter to know and appreciate what many of us experience as background.  And because knowing more about the universe leads to better poems.


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