Dead Man Float

February 17, 2009 at 1:56 pm (Kelowna Poems, Poems)

My cousin, my brother and I are passing
the basketball back and forth in the carport.
“Stand here,” Bobby says to us, putting the ball down.
“I bet I can beat you in a race.  I can run all the way
around the house in 2 seconds flat.
Close your eyes. OK, see I’m back!”

He hasn’t moved a muscle.
I can’t believe he thinks we are that stupid.

That afternoon we dive for pennies wearing
masks and goggles. He shows me all the water
poses he knows. When our parents go out
and my grandmother is inside making tea,
I lay face down in the pool, spread out my arms
and legs like a starfish and stay very still.
I keep holding my breath and finally Bobby notices
hear him call my name, feel him poke my limp arm,
the commotion as he climbs out of the pool
and runs into the house in 2 seconds flat.

When he runs back outside with Grandma
I am practicing my freestyle.


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