The Return

August 30, 2008 at 5:56 am (Love is Crucial, Poems)

Your return was the visitation of a lanky, unshaven phantom
ink black hair, indigo half moons transparent
beneath your eyes, still light and clear as the Pacific,
You are changed by your travels, still, familiar,
Christ-like, echoing the image of the man
in the painting at the café down the street
from this dim bar where I present myself to you,
moonlight soft, different I suppose,
though as before and always
in love recognizable
I am moved by my spirit which floats to you
filled with the same beauty that is everywhere around us
Everything around us an extension of you
the focal point, the strange attractor,
drawing all that you love into your self
to return it re-formed, refined
to smooth pale moonstones in your hands
You press your hands into mine and I know
You know me
You become the clouded mirror in the dank back room,
the swaying reflection of the Pisces moon in my glass of water,
the blue Jesus painting at the café down the street
in whose exposed, glowing heart I see myself


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