Love/Poison in the Year 2000

August 30, 2008 at 6:11 am (Love is Crucial, Poems)

You write a list of my 23 perfections
in a little card that spells it all out:
Desire is poison

Not just poisonous
But the poison itself
Lava red, dormant only while
capped in its glass amber bottle
marked with an “x” —
harmless until you break the wax seal
and drink
It’s no different than that bottle of beer
destined to be left half empty
in the park behind my apartment
where we sit on the grass
wrap our arms around our knees
and watch Mars defy gravity
night after midsummer night 



After we give in
you write that everything
in the 20th century pales
in comparison
I think of a century of fire
that consumes the dim light
of lovers chancing survival

in a brutal era
Yes, it’s easy to see it now
the 20th century ended
and before that in 1999
before Saturn returned
before anything worth happening 
you give me a card that quotes
George Sand simply:
There is only one happiness in life,

To love and be loved
In the new year we find ourselves
Clinging desperately to our happiness
in my apartment kitchenette
where I ask 
     What if we fall in love?
bent over the sink, washing dishes,
already knowing whether or not
to swallow



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