Dreams Recalled at the Biomed Lab

August 25, 2008 at 5:15 am (I Can Make Life, Poems)

Fragment 1

I am showing you off.

I am, to my surprise, outside the old office

and have just told my former boss that

your middle name is Alexander.

I barely know you

you are so new

and hidden inside layers

and layers of white blanket.


Fragment 2

I am looking at myself

in the mirror, wearing

a black cocktail dress.

My breasts are well-concealed

behind two feather flowers that

move slowly with me, like those

on a boa. It dawns on me slowly

that my belly is huge and round.
A perfect black moon.

The more I stare, the fuller it gets.

I turn and turn and look.

I was sure before I tried on this dress

that I wasn’t pregnant.


Fragment 3


The owner of the tattoo parlour

suggests a line of black vines

across my back, entwined with thorns.

The only other detail in her design

is a tiny black dove hanging off the vine

by a small round link, like a key chain.

I’m not ready for this tattoo, I tell her.


But I’ll think about it.
Maybe I’ll come back.


1 Comment

  1. Skylark N said,

    This gave me shivers all over. Love it!

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